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Based on creative and innovative thinking, we aim to pioneer a new path for point-of-care molecular diagnostics.

Precise Microfluidics Control

The Precise Microfluidics Control (PMC) technology enables non-experts to perform point-of-care molecular self-tests.

PMC technology can automatically move the sample to the reagent chamber without electrical or mechanical processes and minimize the volume deviation between tests by controlling liquid flow within the error range of 1 uL.

In addition, PMC technology fundamentally prevents external contamination, resulting in high accuracy and reproducibility.

Multi-position Fluorescence Sensing 

Multi-position Fluorescence Sensing (MFS) technology increases the accuracy of molecular diagnosis by reading fluorescence signals at multiple positions.

The MFS technology can sensitively measure the fluorescence intensity transmitted from the reaction chambers and perform multiplex analyses of fluorescence signals in real-time.

The MFS technology can improve both point-of-care tests and self-test quality by achieving sensitivity & specificity comparable to high-performance level tests in the laboratory.



Switching-Probe™ technology can selectively detect target genes using a specially designed fluorescent probe to achieve specificity and sensitivity equivalent to real-time PCR.

Switching-Probe™ technology solves the false-positive problem caused by non-specific amplification observed in isothermal amplification technology.

In addition, this technology can detect multiple genes simultaneously.



CrystalMix™ is a lyophilized reagent technology that can ensure the stability of diagnostic reagents required for point-of-care tests or self-test, You can conveniently perform molecular diagnostic tests without any preparation.

CrystalMix™ technology solves contamination problems, reproducibility, storage, and transportation found in liquid-format molecular diagnostic products and applies to can be applied point-of-care diagnostic platforms.

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