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CLEO™ ONE | Molecular Test in 30 min.

Provides a point-of-care molecular testing solution for COVID-19.

Small & portable 
Simple: no liquid handling, sample pipetting, multiple steps.  
Fast : get your result within
30 min.


COVID-19 Molecular Test in 30 min.

  • SIMPLE : Single-step, no liquid handling

  • EASY : Swab, Shake, Detect

  • FAST : Results within 30 min.

  • ACCURATE : Detect 2 target genes (ORF1, N) of SARS-CoV-2

  • COMPACT : Portable size (72 x 72 x 104 mm)

Provide a point-of-care molecular testing solution for COVID-19

MFDS License No. : IVD-23-4812

Accurate, Early Detection.

Wizbiosolutions has developed a fast COVID-19 molecular test system that takes 30 minutes from sample to result.

CLEO™ ONE can detect COVID-19 even at low viral loads with "Switching-Probe™ Technology" allowing earlier and specific detection.

Convenient, Portable.

CLEO™ ONE has been developed conveniently to provide portable solutions for users by combining "Precise Microfluidics Control Technology" and "CrystalMix™ freeze-dried reagent Technology".

Anytime, Anywhere.

With an easy and convenient nostril swab, users can check results on a smartphone device in 30 minutes, so anyone can easily test for COVID-19 anytime, anywhere.

How To Use

Key Benefits


COVID-19 specific target probe

detect ORF1 & N gene.


Sample collected with painless nostril swab.

Innovative Technology

Various innovative technologies applied : Switching-Probe, PMC, MFS, CrystalMix.

Easily handled

All contents stored at room- temperature.

For more information, please contact us at or view leaflet.


Sensitivity equivalent to real-time PCR using fluorescence probe-LAMP technology.


All-in-one platform ensuring both convenience and accuracy.

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